The Creative Process

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Keishia Treber is a multi-media Artist, specializing in Canadian Landscapes, Adorable Wildlife Illustrations, and Rustic Wood Paintings. KTreber creates with acrylic and watercolor paints on various different kinds of surfaces, both hand made and store bought. These include: hand stretched canvas, linen, and stained wood.


Techniques & Inspiration


  • Landscape Paintings are often inspired from Keishia's hometown: Revelstoke, BC and her current home: Kamloops, BC. The thick cedar forests, vast snowy mountains, and board variety of wildlife in Revelstoke is a huge inspiration for Keishia's work as it reminds her of many cherished memories growing up in such a magnificently scenic place. In the photo above, Mount Begbie (one of the many mountains in Revelstoke) is a favorite of Keishia's to paint. "If you've ever seen this mountain in person, it is quite large, and the three peaks are quite unique as they change their look from season to season." Now that Keishia has been living in Kamloops, BC for over a decade she has found that her work has developed into featuring more sun sets, rolling hills, and lake scenes. "Kamloops sunsets are nothing less than jaw dropping gorgeous. With the hills being so short you can see for miles it seems, especially when compared to Revelstoke where your right in the mountain valley. The monochromatic color scheme in Kamloops is also right up my alley - aka dry and brown (desert) mixed with warm sunset hues. I love painting all in the same color hues, it is a joy to paint when the colors flow so well together." - Keishia



  • Wildlife Paintings have also been greatly inspired by her hometown Revelstoke, BC. Growing up she wouldoften see deer, various birds, eagles, and even sometimes moose, black or grizzly bears in her backyard or on her walk to school. The large eyes that are sometimes in Keishia's paintings help to represent her love for the "cuteness" that she sees in some animals. - "You know those animals that just look so soft and cuddly. They may not be, but from a distance I love to appreciate their soft looking fur and fantastic designs on their body." Now that Keishia lives in Kamloops she also really enjoys visiting the wildlife park there to gain new inspiration and snap a few photos for future painting reference. "It's great to catch a glimpse of an animal out in the wild, but I love to sit and watch the animals at the wildlife park. It always makes me happy, and the staff is so knowledgeable! The birds and owls are fascinating...they way they blink, squawk, fly, ruffle their feathers. I find it very calming to watch. It's always a treat when the bears and wolves are out from sleeping as well especially to see how they react to humans. I just can't get enough." - Keishia


  • Painting Techniques: Keishia's paintings are often kept on the simple end of things because she believes that sometimes less is more to be able to appreciate a particular place, memory, or animal. She works with acrylic and watercolor paints on linen, canvas, paper, and wood and often likes to leave the raw material to show through her paintings. For example when she paints on stained wood and she will leave some of the raw stained wood exposed so you can see parts of the wood grain it in the artwork. "Sometimes I like to do just one layer on a linen canvas, where I only paint the animal and leave the rest of the linen in the raw with just a clear sealer on top. I do this when I want the animal or image to be solely appreciated, without any distraction - which is often how I personally view a lot of nature out in the wild. Picture that one unique tree or adorable animal that catches your eye and captivates you even just for a moment. I love those moments of simple beauty." - Keishia




Wholesale & Consignment

Want to see KTreber Art in your store? Contact the Artist about Wholesale or Consignment information for Matted Prints, Hand Sketched Magnets, and Art Cards.