Keishia Treber is best known for her Canadian Landscape, and Stylized Wilflife Paintings. Being born and raised in the small town of Revelstoke, BC Keishia’s work often resembles scenery and animals from the area.

“Painting the thick cedar forests, peaceful lakes, adorable animals, and grand snowy mountains of my hometown bring happiness to my heart. Creating these artworks help to keep my cherished memories alive, bringing me closer to a more organic and humble self.” – Keishia


During her art career, Keishia has explored the female figure, creative animals, and landscapes through many different materials and mediums, specifically watercolors, acrylic on canvas and paintings on stained wood. After completing the Fine Arts Diploma Program at the Thompson Rivers University in 2008 Keishia began painting custom commissioned paintings for friends and family. Later in 2009-2012, she explored painting lustful images of the female form, highlighting perhaps a fun and vibrant stage in her early 20’s. As Keishia’s art career developed her practice evolved solely into Canadian Landscapes and Stylized Animal Paintings, featuring a very simple yet intricate and feminine design. Keishia continues to create art full time in her home studio in Kamloops, BC, where she loves selling her work through her online store.

“I am very proud to be an entrepreneur in this era. Being able to travel throughout BC/Alberta to meet my customers and showcase my artworks in galleries, craft markets, and boutique stores has been such an amazing journey for my creative soul.” - Keishia